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Built with Volunteers, Meet Adam

Volunteerism is the engine that drives the success of NeighborLink Indianapolis. Nobody understands this more than Adam Jones. Adam was one of NLI’s first volunteers a decade ago. He continues offering his time and talents to this day.

Adam’s involvement with NLI evolved from his own personal experience. About ten years ago, Adam noticed that his elderly in-laws were having needs with their home. “Many of these things were easy for me to resolve,” he says. He drew upon his personal experience, as well as lessons learned working in a hardware store during high school.

The feeling of satisfaction that came with helping his in-laws motivated Adam to explore volunteering opportunities. When he discovered NeighborLink Indianapolis, he knew he had found a perfect fit. “There are so many older adults, who have mobility issues.  Their kids are not around to help them with the house.  So NLI is a good match.”

Today, Adam continues to volunteer.  He is a mainstay of an NLI crew that does gutter repair and replacement. He notes that water leaks are a particularly insidious problem for older homeowners. “When water leaks appear, you have to trace back to the original problem. Water is like rust, it keeps chipping away and causing more damage.”

 Adam also serves NLI as a Handy Volunteer Mentor to two young women.

The Handy Volunteer program welcomes those who have the will to help, but are unsure of their skills and don't know where to begin. It pairs experienced “mentors” with “students” of all ages. This “on the job learning” develops skills that can be used for a lifetime.

The Handy Volunteer program covers a wide range of topics, including;

  • Basic hand tools & safety

  • Simple electrical such as replacing a light fixture

  • Basic plumbing

  • Foundational carpentry

  • Problem solving – because every house is just a little different!

Adam notes that many young adults find the program attractive because they are new homeowners themselves.  So by learning and volunteering, they are acquiring skills that will benefit both them and others.

Adam has high praise for the way that NLI uses its volunteers.  “They excel at respecting the time of the volunteer. The projects are well-planned, so that those who volunteer know why they are there, and what their duties are.”

If the Handy Volunteer Group sounds interesting to you, learn more here. If you have handy skills and could easily help mentor, let Monte know.

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