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Volunteer Opportunities

Home Repairs for Good, formerly NeighborLink Indianapolis, is powered by partners in the community, YOU. Partners willing to give of their time, talent and treasure are what enable us to provide this much needed service to those we serve, low-income individuals with disabilities and homeowners 62+ in Marion County, at no cost. Our partners help these individuals age-in-place safely and with dignity. 

Older adults one white man and one black woman stand side by side in a side hug
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Two men work on cutting boards

Volunteer for a Project 


Take a look at all projects or narrow by your preferred project type, clean ups, painting, handy, etc. in our volunteer projects system. Create an account and you're able to sign up for projects that fit you!


Group projects are what we do best! Let us know the size and interest of your group. We book group projects four to six weeks in advance for shifts Wednesday - Friday and Saturday mornings.

Handy Volunteer Program


If you've got strong DIY skills or aspirations, we've got a mentorship program that's a real win-win. Learn or share Handy skills while you help a homeowner with a small, but handy, home repair. 

Teambuilding with Group Volunteer Projects

You can help champion the Home Repairs for Good cause by connecting us to or helping to organize a group to volunteer together. Repairs for Good provides great service and team building opportunities for businesses, faith-based organizations, schools, etc where volunteers get to see and feel the immediate impact of their work.


We are happy to speak to groups or at events about our organization. If you have a group you would like to sign up for a project, fill out our Group Volunteer form.

Our average group size is 8-12 volunteers per site. We can discuss potential for larger group sizes with a minimum of three months notice depending on how large the desired group is.

We do ask groups contribute to the cost of materials, supplies and equipment needed to accomplish the project. This allows us to continue providing that much needed service for the homeowner at no cost.

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