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Truly Linking Neighbors with Neighbor to Clear A Yard on the Eastside.

We love it when a community comes together to support a long-time neighbor! Eastern Star Church's Care Committee paired up with the Arlington Woods Neighborhood Association to serve Mr. Willie Parker.

Mr. Parker, originally from Macon, GA has called Indianapolis home for the last 25 years. His home is the home of his fondest memories of watching his children grow up. It has served as his safe space where he finds peace. His favorite thing about his neighborhood are the abundance of mature trees and older homes full of character.

The home, built in 1946 does show its age. It's yard didn't help that aging either. Mr. Parker had began to decline in his ability to fight off the invasive plants and overgrowth until it got to a point well beyond "maintenance."

Mr. Parker called 2-1-1 to see if help could be found to tackle his yard. Businesses he'd inquired with were well outside of his spendable amount and he didn't have anyone nearby to help wrangle the greenery. Thankfully, 2-1-1 referred Mr. Parker to NeighborLink Indianapolis.

Shortly after his initial phone conversation our Client Services team met with him and assessed the situation. It was a great project to connect volunteers with! Not only would a group be scheduled to do a major yard clean up, but we'd be able to include a thorough gutter cleaning project too.

What was so wonderful about this particular volunteer group to homeowner was it was his own community coming together! Local church members and neighborhood association members gathered together to whisk Mr. Parker's yard into a much more manageable and safe space.

“They did an excellent job!” Mr. Parker said. “I’m so impressed with how quickly they got my yard into shape.”

This group of volunteers put in some serious work! Through the clearing, another small repair need was identified. There was a hole near one of his windows. A new project was made and would be completed shortly after the yard clean up.

If you have a neighbor in need of a major yard clean up, debris pick up from a fall tree, structure, or other source - we've got the groups to help! No senior or individual with disabilities should feel discouraged about the state of their homes and property. Share our phone number, 317-286-2740, and we'll work with your neighbor to pair the perfect group with their project.

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