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From Firewood to Swag

Sometimes searching for that perfect gift can be daunting. In some cases, the idea of just adding more stuff to someone's already full house puts a damper on the holiday tradition. We've put together a list of ways you can support NeighborLink Indianapolis, that likely, fits in with other organizations as well. Just like small businesses, small nonprofits can use all the help we can get.

1. Give a gift of gratitude

For the person who has it all, donate to an organization in honor of them. Gift them with a certificate indicating the donation in their honor or let them know in your own way. If they're handy or have a heart for the Indianapolis community or senior homeowners in particular, you can make a gift in honor of someone through our Tools for 20 campaign. Simply select the checkbox for "give in honor/memory" and mark accordingly. We would be happy to email or mail a card of thanks you could share with them.

2. Select a local charity for big-box purchases

According to a study earlier this year, more than 60% of Americans are Amazon Prime members. That doesn't even take into account how many Americans shop on Amazon without the membership. If you fall into the 60% or even an occasional Amazon shopper and plan on using Amazon for your holiday shopping, shop through and select a local charity to give to. You can select us by either searching our full name, NeighborLink Indianapolis Foundation, Inc. or you can search by our EIN number: 46-3002445. If you're more likely to shop for food with Kroger, you can find us there too using our EIN or our organization number, FC978.

3. Select a local charity for your firewood and mulch purchase

We've joined up with Haulstr to be included in their list of local organizations that can benefit from a Wood for Good purchase. Purchase firewood for your intimate holiday gathering from Haulstr with NeighborLink Indianapolis as your selected organization and we receive a portion of those proceeds.

4. Purchase an apparel item

If you are looking to add to someone's closet, we connected with Bonfire to provide shirts to show off your NeighborLink Indianapolis pride. The profits go right back into NeighborLink Indianapolis projects.

5. Advocate with 12 days of Christmas social sharing

This year has been a financial struggle for more than just organizations. We get that. If you don't have the extra dollars to spend but would still like to support NeighborLink Indianapolis and other local organizations, considering sharing our blogs, social accounts, and/or our GIVE page through your own 12 Days of Christmas social sharing. Choose the 12 days prior to Christmas (the retail version) or choose the traditional 12 days that start on Christmas and run through January 5th. Select an organization a day or 12 days of one organization to share on your social media or via email. Tag your friends and get them in on it too. I know we'd appreciate the support and shout outs and our fellow little guys out there would too.

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