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Scraping By with Help from NeighborLink

Is there anyone who enjoys scraping paint? It’s an arduous job, especially when the project

is the exterior of your home. Recently, a spirited group of NeighborLink Indianapolis (NLI) volunteers descended on Ms. P’s house and tackled the challenge. It was a daunting job that took many hands. Volunteers will be returning to apply a new coat of paint in the near future.

Ms. P has lived in her home since 1969. And as homes eventually do, hers is showing its age. Sometimes not being able to keep up with major projects causes unintended consequences.

Peeling paint on the home wasn't the only situation that needed attention.The city had decided that her garage was structurally unsafe. It was built at the same time as her home and was in need of a new roof and other major repairs. The other option was demolition. “It affects your car insurance,” she says. She notes that two volunteers from NeighborLink Indianapolis tore the garage down “in about 15 minutes and hauled it away.” She marvels at their efficiency.

Ms. P found out about NLI when she went to a city office to discuss concerns about conditions at her property. She was thrilled to find an organization to assist her.

Ms. P retired from Riley Hospital, where she worked as a caregiver for many years in the NICU. She has no children of her own, but breaks into a smile when recalling her career. “I love those babies,” she says. She notes that once a patient at Riley, you can return at any age. “We would see them come back at thirty years old — sometimes twins or triplets,” she notes with delight.

Her retirement came about because of a need to provide care for her late partner, which she did for many years. Since then, she has developed a passion for bowling and participates in a league. “That’s how I get my exercise,” she says.

Although she no longer gardens, she still maintains a goldfish pond in her backyard. Some of the fish have attained a remarkable size. Feeding time stirs a lot of activity and excitement. “At other times, I just sit there and watch them. I find it very relaxing,” she says.

A breast cancer survivor, Ms. P enjoys good health at the age of 76. She has no plans to move from her home. NeighborLink Indianapolis has been able to provide assistance to enable this to happen. “I’m very thankful for their help. They did good work!” she exclaims.

You are invited to join NLI, either as a donor or a volunteer... or both! Your work truly makes an impact.

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