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MJ scores points with visitors to Robin's home

Not many people can say that basketball superstar Michael Jordan attended their son's wedding reception. Ms. Robin, however, can.

A life-size cardboard cutout of Jordan greeted everyone next to the guest book when her son got married. At 66 years young, Robin has been an avid Michael Jordan fan since his playing days in the NBA. Wherever Robin has gone, his Airness has followed. She refers to Cardboard Michael as “my bodyguard.” She moved to her present home in 2007 and insisted that Michael was moved with special care. “I didn't want him to get bent up,” she says with a laugh.

Robin is tickled by the looks of surprise and astonishment when first time visitors to her home just happen to “bump in” to the life-sized likeness in her living room! Towering above all others, Michael dominates the room, and often the conversation.

Robin labels herself as a “survivor.” She is presently recovering from back surgery, “going from one day to the next.” she says. She lost her mother when she was just twelve and suffered gun violence when she was 20. She was pregnant with her oldest son when she was shot in the head. She is proud to say, not only is she a survivor, but she now has seven grandchildren including a set of triplets!

When a leaky window sill and door that refused to lock began to trouble her, she contacted 2-1-1 and was directed to NeighborLink Indianapolis. We were able to help resolve the repairs needed and keep Robin (and Michael) safe and dry in her home. She hopes to have some additional projects completed in the future.

Robin hopes to stay in her home for the foreseeable future. Her determination, coupled with some help from NeighborLink Indianapolis, will help her brave the elements and live more safely and securely at home – with Michael Jordan standing guard at center court!

Robin is like many of our homeowners wanting to age in their own homes. She’s got her house, her community, and just needs that little help with keeping her home in good shape to allow her to safely remain. NeighborLink Indianapolis’ whole mission is focused on helping homeowners age in place, which often means we’re walking with that homeowner over several years to help them continue to remain in their homes as long as they intend to.

Homeowners receive these repairs and assistance at no charge, including materials.

Truly, “there's no place like home.” Helping some of our most vulnerable homeowners age in place, in dignity, and most of all, in comfort and safety is such a great way to give back to your community. Sign up for a volunteer project or consider donating.

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